Knight in the Abyss
(del Campo)

"Knight in The Abyss" is the result of an impromptu collaboration between Ego and The Ids and Scholar. It is a song depicting the struggles one experiences on the magical path as they approach the abyss: doubt, lack of confidence, questioning ones actions, lust for result, etc... We all go through that, though very few of us are willing to admit it. It will be included in the next Ego and the Ids album, Kinemortophobia.

Ego and The Ids is a musical project more than a band. It is a collaboration of musicians who wish to create something beautiful and huge with sound while exploiting music's ability to make people feel something they can relate to. It is about evoking mental images of life, death and everything in between, always taking the time to show the grandeur of the human experience.

This band views music as an alchemical process, a formulation of experience and musical influences. Simply put, their music is orchestral, melodic, and experimental.

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